About Frankland Islands Cruise & Dive


Frankland Islands Cruise & Dive is the only tour operator licenced to visit the untouched beauty of the Frankland Islands. Their vessel takes up to a maximum of 100 passengers which ensures your day on the reef is both service and safety orientated.


Your day begins with a morning cruise along the Mulgrave river. From the mouth of the river their destination on the The Great Barrier Reef is already in sight, making it the shortest open sea crossing in North Queensland. Welcome to Normanby Island, one of the five stunning islands that comprise the Frankland Islands.


The island’s pristine waters are a coral haven for snorkelling and diving. Visitors share the immaculate reef with green sea turtles, tropical fish and giant clams. While leisurely guided island walks take you through rainforests, rock pools and along secluded sandy beaches. You can satisfy your appetite when you dine under a canopy of trees with their tropical buffet lunch including prawns, fresh salads and tropical fruits.


Camping is available on nearby Russell Island for those wishing to extend their stay on The Great Barrier Reef. It is important to remember that all provisions and camping permits must be organised by campers.


The Frankland Islands offer visitors the unique experience of abundant marine life and untouched beauty on The Great Barrier Reef. These are uninhabited islands, with uninhibited beauty. This is Frankland Islands Cruise and Dive.


Like you are going for a day at the Beach:
ie Hat, 15+ Sunscreen, swimmers, towel and comfortable shoes for beachcombing. You will be transferred from their boat to the island by dinghy so footwear may get wet.